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Rather immodestly we think Rons Data Edit is the best CSV editor. However we are the ones who created it so we don't actually expect anyone to believe us. For this reason we provide an 100% free Lite version of our software, so that our customers can make up their own minds in their own time.

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Our Goals

We have aimed to make the job of editing CSV files as easy as possible by keeping in mind throughout design and testing that the Rons Data Edit is for editing data tables, and that fundamentally our product is a text editor. Our customers have also played a key role in the shaping of the product; many of the feature that are in Rons Data Edit have been directly requested, and if a feature is missing it's probably because it has not been asked for.

Rons Data Edit has been designed to be powerful but simple to use. In fact a large amount of effort has gone into making the user interface do what is expected, and behave in a standard way, so that our customers can find features easily and quickly.

That is not to say that we have sacrificed any power or capabilities, we have just made it easy to use.

For a list of features see the Rons Data Edit home page.

The Competition

We would never want our customers to buy our product, without being fully aware of what the market has to offer, so here is a list of our key competitors. If you think our claim is misguided please tell us why.

Direct Competition

Name Website Free/Paid
Modern CSV Paid
CSV Editor Pro Paid
Delimit Paid
CSV Easy Paid


Indirect Competition

Name Website Free/Paid
Excel Paid
LibreOffice Calc Free
Google Sheet Free

(See our article A Perfect Excel Alternative to handle CSV Files)

Some Differences

A feature by feature list would make a nice looking table and make Rons CSV Editor look good, but based on the fact that most features in Rons Data Edit have directly been requested by our customers we feel comfortable that the product does what is needed. However there are some differences in approach that it might be interesting to note.

Rons Data Edit uses Framework

The reason for mentioning this is that it has some implications on memory usage at runtime, and some companies have IT policies that don't allow the use of such frameworks (although we think this factor is reduced these days).
File Management

Some CSV editors don't load the entire file into memory to reduce memory usage and allow large files to be edited.

Whilst this used to be an important factor, we feel that with most new PC's now shipping with 4GB or more, the advantages of loading the file into memory are far greater than the risk of not enough memory being available.


If you need a professional CSV editor give Rons Data Edit a try, and let us know what you think.

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