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For your information:

The latest build of Rons Data Gear (2023.06.03.1211) is available here but is not guaranteed to be stable (or even complete) - download at your own risk!

Click on the 'Download Build' button to download.

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Beta Version (above)

New features
  • Data Edit: Column Append added.
  • Data Edit: Find First/Last added.
  • Data Edit: 'Replace' current added to Replace Panel.
  • Data Edit: 'Update' current added to Toolbox Panel.
  • Data Edit: Code highlighting added to Cell Edit panel for Text, HTML, XML and JSON.
  • Data Gear: 'Format Text' rule added for Text, HTML, XML and JSON.
  • Data Gear: Parquet support removed.
  • Diagnostic added to License Check Window.
  • Data Gear: Cell edit positioning bug fixed.
  • Various bug fixes.

Features for a Future Version

Description Comment Status
Data Stream Rule Creation Make it possible to create columns selectors, row selectors and cell processors from the Preview window, and Data Edit. Planned

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