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"I bought a license of your beautiful "Rons Data Edit" program, I just love it. I have always used your "Rons CSV Editor" program, but I wanted to contribute by buying a license, because your program is a gold mine. It seems as if he is talking to you, as if he understands what you want to do. Well done."

Fatmir Marku

First of all, great app. Just discover it a few days ago and it's great, fast, and simple but at the same time powerful.


“Yup, my hunch was correct…pure magic that I still don’t understand.

Thank you very much for this (it works), sometimes I forget how powerful Data Stream is.

Fun anecdote for you, my colleague calls Data Editor the Ron Jeremy tool…he thinks it’s CSV porn (it’s a compliment).

Vashisht Bihariesingh - BCons

“[…] From the bottom of my heart: Thank you! I really love Rons Data Edit and nobody (I tried nearly everything in does it nearly that good - it makes my day and this since I changed from a big telecommunication company to a tax consultant. Your software means for me fun, easy handling, it is confidential, it is stable. So I only wanna tell you that because this has to be said.[…] Best regards and happy coding Achim Seuß”

Achim Seuß - ETL Eichler & Kollegen GmbH

"This editor is the best one I've used so far at correctly parsing CSV files."

Andrey Signatovich

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