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To open a CSV file

Step 1: Install the appropriate application for your CSV File: Rons Data Edit

    Opening a CSV (Comma-Separated Value) file is generally quite simple. In most text editors or spreadsheet programs, just choose File > Open and select the CSV file.

    Spreadsheets like MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc or Google Docs are state-of-the-art spreadsheet programs but they are NOT text editors (see article A Perfect Excel Alternative to handle CSV Files).

    When it comes to do some more involved data editing work it is a good idea to consider a dedicated CSV Editor.

    Company Rons Place Software have developed two CSV Editors: Rons CSV Editor and Rons Data Edit. Adapted to the latest technologies, Rons Data Edit is basically the modern version of Rons CSV Editor and it has benefited from the experience of developing Rons CSV Editor as well as the feedback and requests of users. It is a very complete application which is ideal for working with the CSV format as well as with any separated text format such as, among others, the TSV (Tab-Separated Value) or the PSV (Pipes-Separated Value) formats.

    Rons Data Edit can be downloaded, for free, right here: Download.

Step 2: Open a CSV File in Rons Data Edit

1. Open Document

Open Document

    In Rons Data Edit, a CSV file can be opened using the 'Open Document' File menu (File/Open Document), or by clicking on the 'Open Document' shortcut on the Start Page and by selecting the CSV file (see above).

    Once the Rons Data Edit application has been installed on a computer, text files can also be opened by right-clicking on them and selecting "Open with..." and then selecting Rons Data Edit. If Rons Data Edit doesn't appear among the suggested (list of) software application to use, then click on "Choose another App" and it should be listed there. 

    Next, click on Rons Data Edit and the CSV file will open with it.

    For CSV files to be consistently opened with Rons Data Edit simply select the square mark in front of "Always use this app to open .CSV files" in the pop-up window displayed after clicking on "Open with...".

2. Open Location

Open Location

    It is also possible to open and display a location (see above) before opening the CSV file itself. Select 'Open Location" instead of "Open Document". Select the file containing CSV files from the file explorer tree. It is especially useful to have the location tree displayed on the left side of the screen when needing to work with numerous CSV Files.

3. Recent Files or Locations

    Recent Files and Recent Locations are displayed on the Start Page so they can be opened from there.
    Recent Files are also displayed in the menu when clicking on 'File'.
    Recent Locations are also displayed in the menu when clicking on 'File/Recent Locations'.  


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