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Powerful bookmark manager to store and organize large numbers of websites links - take control of your internet!

If you want to take control of your Internet information, use Rons WebLynx.

Ideal for research, marketing, or just organizing a lot of links, Rons WebLynx is a powerful Windows application to manage and view website information. File based so that different areas of interest don't overlap, links can be tagged and sorted into folders. Plus the automatic checking makes sure all the links are up to date!

Stop drowning in browser tabs and focus your attention! Give it a try!

Running as a desktop application Rons WebLynx keeps your files on your own computer so you do not need to ‘share’ them with an anonymous online web site. If you do want to share your links with colleagues, friends and family, you can Synchronize links between multiple files on multiple computers.

Getting links into WebLynx could not be simpler:

  • Import your browser bookmarks.
  • Drag and drop anything - selected text from you browser or a file or directory from your computer.
  • Make RSS/Atom news feed folders to check the latest goings on.
  • Use the Web Browser integration available for Google Chrome, Edge, Brave and Firefox to send links directly into WebLynx so your browsing is not disturbed by switching to another application.
  • Use the import to find links from pretty much anywhere including Outlook, Word documents or even entire websites.

Once in, links can be easily searched and filtered and even viewed thanks to the integrated web browser and the content-only reading Panel. Automatic link filing can shave hours off the day, and can turn an overwhelming number of links into focused order, literally at the click of a button.

Used other programs to bring "chaos" to some sort of "sanity" but none really worked. Most got stuck on just attempting to import all the bookmarks accumulated. Not so this one. Works flawlessly [...]


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1000's of links handled effortlessly, automatically checked, and filed.
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Clean layout making web page information clear and easily accessible.
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Import from almost anywhere, organize is almost any way.

In short, WebLynx is an application that not only stores and organizes links but makes it easy to make the most of them. A great tool for anyone who uses the Internet, all presented with a clean and neat interface that is a pleasure to use.


Green Tick Icon   WebLynx Files
  Links are stored in files that can be copied and backed up, making it easy to separate areas of interest.
Green Tick Icon   Built in RSS/Atom News Feed Reader
  Folders can be made into 'Active Folders' that update their links, on a scheduled basis, from RSS/Atom news feeds.
Green Tick Icon   Clean Familiar Layout
  The WebLynx window is clean and familiar with folder and tag navigation on the left, and links presented clearly making it easy to see the page icons and missing or error links.
Green Tick Icon   Check Links
  Check links automatically or manually to check if links are still active or broken or have errors.
Green Tick Icon   Synchronize Links
  Synchronize links between multiple files on multiple computers. Share links with colleagues, friends and family.
Green Tick Icon   Find Duplicates
  Views to find links in multiple folders, broken links, links with no tags or folders and more.
Green Tick Icon   Automatically File Links
  Sort links into folders, or tag them automatically by configuring filing rules:
  • Tag Link
  • Move Link
  • Delete Link
Green Tick Icon   Tag Links
  Tag links with name and color.
Green Tick Icon   Rate Links
  Rate the links by highlighting up to 5 stars.
Green Tick Icon   Add Notes
  Add comments and Notes to saved links in the Note Side Panel.
Green Tick Icon   Filter
  Filter any link view using key words, tags or ratings and links state.
Green Tick Icon   Quick Add

Use the Quick Add panel or simply drag and drop one or more links at the same time.

Green Tick Icon   Share
  Use Linker Exchange files to easily share link collections, or make regular backups.
Green Tick Icon   Landing Zone
  Use the Landing Zone to construct collections and move links between WebLynx files.
Green Tick Icon   Browser Integration
  Web Browser integration available for Google Chrome, Edge, Brave and Firefox to send links directly into WebLynx Landing Zone.
Note: Browser integration cannot work with the portable version of Rons WebLynx.
Green Tick Icon   Import
  Import from:
  • The clipboard
  • Web pages
  • Files
  • Directories
  • Outlook
  • Browser bookmarks (Firefox, Brave, Google Chrome)
Import complete Websites.
Green Tick Icon   Export
  Export in HTML, XML, Linker Exchange or Content formats to File or Clipboard.
Green Tick Icon   Reading View
  View the content of link page without unnecessary clutter.
Green Tick Icon   Browser View
  View the website page within WebLynx.
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