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    Aaron Stewart

Now that the new web site is live I have been able to turn my attention fully back to product development. As a result, a few new versions of Ron's Editor (now at 2014.12.03.0808) have been released, and between them they contain many small requests from our valued customers. Some of the larger enhancements are still on the list, but it is good to clear the way for work on the new features.

I have also managed to fix many of the errors that have been so helpfully reported back to us (thank you). Apologies if I don’t get back to everyone who filled in their email address in the error window, but please check out the latest versions for fixes. By the way, feel free to nag me if you feel I am neglecting you - I work on a perceived priority basis, and the way I see things might not be same way you see things.

We have also had some not so positive feedback about the Pro/Lite licensing model we have recently adopted. Our fundamental intention with this was clarity: 100% free vs fully licensed. Did we get it wrong? Please give us your feedback, but try and keep to constructive criticism. Rants are entertaining but time is limited.

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