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Rather immodestly we think Rons CSV Editor is the best CSV editor. However we are the ones who created it so we don't actually expect anyone to believe us. For this reason we provide an 100% free Lite version of our software, and a free trial of the Pro version, so that our customers can make up their own minds in their own time.



Our Goals

We have aimed to make the job of editing CSV files as easy as possible by keeping in mind throughout design and testing that the Rons CSV Editor is for editing data tables, and that fundamentally our product is a text editor. Our customers have also played a key role in the...

Let's be clear. Excel is state of the art spreadsheet software, and is excellent at doing what it was designed to do. However, over the years Excel's table structure has led it to be used in ways for which it was not originally designed. One of these is editing CSV files, for which it is capable, but far from perfect.


Some of the main problems encountered with CSV files in Excel

Problem Description Effect
Excel not recognizing the comma. For English installations of Excel the comma (,) is recognized and used correctly as a field/cell separator. However in European installations of Excel the comma is used as the decimal point character and Excel uses a semi colon (;) as the field/cell separator. Every field in a row in a CSV file is loaded into the first column as a single...

 Rons CSV Editor for e-Commerce

Increasingly over the last few years we have noticed that a large portion of our customers are made up of people running e-commerce websites. Usually these sites are a based on a commercially available e-commerce platforms such as one of those shown below.


Start Guide Rons HTML Cleaner

  • Introduction
  • Open a File
  • The HTML Cleaner’s views
  • Cleaners
  • Process Directory


Congratulations! You have downloaded and installed Rons HTML Cleaner successfully! Now what?

Follow this quick guide to get you started and make the most of the application as soon as possible.

Open a File

The first thing to do is open an HTML file, which can be done in one of three ways:

  • Open from Clipboard

    A section of HTML formatted text can be copied to the clipboard and opened in Rons HTML Cleaner by clicking the Open Clipboard button.

  • Open File

    An HTML located on the local system can be opened in Rons HTML Cleaner by clicking the Open File button and selecting the file...

Start Guide Rons WebLynx

  • Introduction
  • Create a File
  • Import
  • Organize and Navigate
    • Folders
    • Tags
    • Views
    • Automatic Filing
    • Search and Filter
  • Features
    • Editing Links
    • Link Sorting
    • Star Rating
    • Notes
    • Quick Add
    • Export


Congratulations! You have downloaded and installed Rons WebLynx successfully! Now what?



Follow this quick guide to get you started and make the most of the application as soon as possible.

Create a File

Rons WebLynx is file based, so that various topics don’t overlap and contaminate each other. So, the first step in using the app is to create a file.



Overview Licenses

License Philosophy

A Rons Place Software application always needs a license to run.

When an application is downloaded it contains a Lite license, which is installed with the application and enables its free functionality. If the application has Pro options another license must be purchased to enable the Pro functionality. Some applications have no Pro options (they are 100% free), some application may have multiple Pro options, which need to have licenses purchased individually.

The combinations are as follows:

  • Lite only - 100% Free.
  • Lite, and Pro - a simple application.


There are three types of licenses for a Rons Place Software product:

License Type Characteristics Functionality Price
Lite The license a product ships with Limited Free
Pro Evaluation Professional license valid for 30 days Full (for 30 days) Free
Pro Unlimited Professional License Full $ Product Price

This page explains how to obtain each type.


Getting a Lite License

This license ships with all of our products and installs automatically with it, so all that is needed is to...


Whether a license has been obtained for evaluation purposes or has been purchased, it will arrive by email, and should look something like the window shown below.



The license contained within the email is placed between the '--begin license--' and '--end license--' text.

In order to enter the license into a Rons Place Software product, it needs to be highlighted and copied, as shown below.



Note: Between, but not including '--begin license--' and '--end license--'.



To enter a license the Add License window needs to be opened, but there are several ways to open said window. The various routes are shown below.

The license key can be...

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