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What are the main Differences between Rons Data Edit and Rons Data Stream?

Rons Data Edit

Rons Data Edit is designed for editing CSV files one by one.

Main Window

Its flexibility and clarity are ideal when working regularly on different types of data files. The application has a complete set of editing options, and the Toolbox is available to perform many more powerful tasks. Changes are previewed automatically.

Rons Data Edit can load any tabular text formats (CSV, TSV etc.) and exports to text (separated), HTML, XML, and Excel directly.

Rons Data Stream

Rons Data Stream is designed to update multiple files automatically, based on a series of editing rules.

Main Window

It is the perfect tool to complete repetitive tasks when regularly working with the same types of data files. The editing rules can be saved and re-applied to many data files at once. This application is a must for anyone working regularly with data files as it can save so much time.

Rons Data Stream loads CSV files, token files, HTML, XML and JSON and exports to all these formats as well as SQL Server, SQLite and Parquet.


Both Rons Data Edit Lite and Rons Data Stream Lite are 100% free but contain a few restrictions.

Rons Data Edit can be downloaded here, and Rons Data Stream can be downloaded here.

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