Rons Place Software - Licenses

License Philosophy

A Rons Place Software application always needs a license to run.

When an application is downloaded it contains a Lite license, which is installed with the application and enables its free functionality. If the application has Pro options another license must be purchased to enable the Pro functionality. Some applications have no Pro options (they are 100% free), some application may have multiple Pro options, which need to have licenses purchased individually.

The combinations are as follows:

  • Lite only - 100% Free.
  • Lite, and Pro - a simple application.
  • Lite, and multiple Pro options - an application with options that can be enabled as required.

in all applications the Lite functionality is 100% free, whether Pro licenses are purchased or not.

Lite Licenses

A Lite license is intended for individuals to be able to use the application for free, or for commercial organizations to be able to evaluate the application before purchasing a Pro license.

After installation, applications are running with a Lite license and are very easy to recognise because there is a banner displayed at the bottom of the main window (See picture below).

This is the normal state of a Rons Place Software application if not Pro license has been installed.

Pro Evaluation Licenses

In order to be able to fully evaluate a Rons Place Software application our customers need to be able to try the full Pro product. To that end Rons Place Apps can automatically issue a time limited Pro license, which is valid for 30 days. There is no functional difference between the time limited Pro license and the normal Pro license.

A time limited Pro license can be acquired from within the product or from this website.

See the Getting an Evaluation License for further information on this topic.

What happens when the Pro Evaluation license has ended?

When the 30 day evaluation period is over, the product will simply switch back the its Lite functionality. It is not possible to obtain another Pro Evaluation License key for the same computer, however a full Pro License can be purchased as explained below.

Pro Licenses

A Pro license is a license issued when the customer decides that they would like to purchase a Rons Place Software application for one or more of the reasons listed below. Owning a full license automatically prioritizes all customer requests for support and features.

Why buy a product license?

  • The customer is a  company. We do expect companies to use licensed applications after a period of evaluation.
  • Buying a license permanently enables full functionality, and removes the advertisement banner at the bottom of the main window.
  • Priority on support is given to users that own a license.

See the Getting a License for further information on this topic.

License Scope

Licenses are issued on a per user basis as we feel that this is the most fair and normal working option for our customers.

Example One - One License Required

A customer buys a license for use at work, where they use a workstation, but travels with their job (using a laptop), and sometime works from home.

Example Two - Five Licenses Required

A company has one shared machine on which five people use one installed copy of a Rons Place Software product.

Upgrade Policy

Each licensed user is entitled to all minor version upgrades FREE of charge. For example, a user who purchases a license for Version 1.0 will receive Version 1.1, Version 1.2, Version 1.3, and so on FREE of charge.

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Gaining momentum: Rons WebLynx

    Aaron Stewart

Rons WebLynx has been available for download on our website for a while now, but was not really well known, except by a few early adopters. Well, the cat is out of the bag now! A few websites found our product, gave some good reviews, said some nice things about it, and suddenly we have lots of people using it.

Rons WebLynx is still in active development, and we have more plans for this product so, if anyone has some interest in it, now is the time to contribute to its future and give us some feedback.

Rons WebLynx is an application created to store and manage links. Organize your...

Currently in progress: Rons Data Cleaner

    Aaron Stewart

We would like to introduce a new product available for download on our website: Rons Data Cleaner.

Rons Data Cleaner is still in the early stage of development, but we have been vigorously testing and resolving issues and bugs, so at this point only minor anomalies are expected. We still have a solid list of features to add to Rons Data Cleaner in future releases, so if our customers are interested in shaping the application to their needs, now is the time to contribute and give us feedback.

The design of Rons Data Cleaner was derived directly from the various requests of

Welcome to our new Website!

Here is the latest company news:

Our company's name has changed: Ron's Place Apps is now Rons Place Software.

We took the opportunity to change it while going through the many administrative steps to move from The Netherlands to Canada.

Our product names have changed too. These changes have been made to remove a few issues the apostrophe was sometimes causing on the internet. 

  Ron's Editor is now Rons CSV Editor.

  Ron's Renamer is now Rons Renamer.

  Ron's HTML Cleaner is now Rons HTML Cleaner.

  Ron's WebLynx is now Rons WebLynx.


We've also freshened our website up a little and added a new blog section at the end of each page.

As for the latest Rons product, it's on its way with an imminent beta version coming out...!...