Skills Matrix - Aaron Stewart

For easy reference, I have outlined my key skill areas so that it can be quickly ascertained if they line up with any requirements without having to actually read my CV.


C# Expert Used professionally since 2001. Kept up to date.
VB.NET Advanced Used mainly for ASP.NET applications.
T-SQL Advanced Used extensively in almost every employ from CRUD to financial data warehousing. Kept up to date.
ADO.NET Advanced Used extensively in almost every employ in a variety of levels of operation.
XAML Good Used in the creation of commercial applications.
ASP.NET Advanced Used in the creation of both intranet and internet applications.
HTML Advanced Used extensively in almost every employ. Kept up to date.
CSS Advanced Used extensively in almost every employ. Kept up to date.
Java Script Good Used mainly for website enhancement.
XML, XSL, XSD, Xpath Good Used as required in application development.
VB 6.0 Good Used in many line of business applications.
VBA Good Excel and Access applications. Business automation.
ASP (VB Script, J Script) Advanced Used in many line of business intranets.
C/C++ Good Was advance, but out of date.


Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Advanced Used to produce commercial applications.
MVVM Advanced Thorough understanding of concepts achieved through writing MVVM framework.
Windows Forms Advanced Windows forms thoroughly used, in both standalone applications and as part of a larger solution. System tray and command line applications also written.
Windows Services Advanced Fully installable windows Services written, mutli-threaded and controlled through remoting/WCF interfaces.
WEB Services / WEB API Advanced Designed and implemented WEB based protocols for both backend and front end services. Used SOAP, .NET WEB Services, and REST.
WEB / Intranet Sites Advanced Used extensively to create a variety of database backed sites using ASP.NET forms to MVC with Razor.
JQuery Good Used for website enhancement as required.
Bootstrap (responsive design) Good Used for website enhancement as required.
ADO.NET Advanced Used at every level throughout many projects. Technology used: native SQL, OleDb and ODBC.
LINQ Advanced Used in daily development activities.
Entity Framework Advanced Used to back commercial websites, and desktop applications.
Data warehousing Advanced Several warehouse solutions created using SQL databases optimized for reporting purposes. Extensive use of stored procedure and functions for reporting.
Reporting Services / Designer Advanced Used extensively.
Crystal Reports Advanced Used extensively, both in desktop applications and intranet solutions.
Coding Quality Advanced Coding standards and best practices employed whenever possible to deliver quality product.
Design Patterns Good Good understanding of the concepts achieved.
Unit Testing Good Used as required.
Networking Advanced TCP/IP and UDP used in synchronous and asynchronous mode. Examples include a HTTP server, an SMTP client, and a finder for network services.
Remoting / Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Good Used to control Windows Services, share common resources and as application back ends.
JSON Advanced Wrote a JSON serializer/deserializer. Used for all object cross boundary needs.
XML Good Used for storing settings, serialization, data provision, data extraction, etc. All levels used from reader to document to XPath queries.
Graphics Good Advanced GDI+ and image manipulation. Examples include WEB image rendering, owner drawn controls.
Threading Advanced Used extensively, both in a server/service capacity and in a forms capacity to perform background tasks or stop the GUI from freezing.
Automation (COM / Office) Good Automation of Word, Excel, Outlook and third party products undertaken, both early bound and late bound.
Windows Integration (API) Advanced Windows API harnessed to manipulate the Shell, install services and provided DDE functionality amongst other things.
Standard Template Library Good Knowledge now old.

Tools and Servers

Visual Studio Advanced Used extensively in every employ. Kept up to date.
SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio Advanced Used extensively since available.
SQL Server Management Studio Advanced Used extensively in every employ.
SQL Server Profiler Good Used for optimisation, debugging (especially Entity Framework), and reverse engineering.
Microsoft Azure Good Used SQL server, IIS, Service Bus and Storage Tables in commercial solutions.
JetBrains Resharper Good Used for daily coding activities.
JetBrains dotTrace / dotMemory Good Used to debug and optimise application performance.
Team Foundation Server Good Used in daily activities, and source control.
SQL Server Advanced Used extensively in every employ, as the backbone of various applications including WEB, desktop, Windows Services, WEB Services and data warehousing and reporting. Databases solutions designed and maintained from VisualStudio including features ranging from CRUD operations to advanced financial reporting stored procedures.
SQL Server Extras Advanced Server Agent, Integration Services, Analysis Services, and Reporting Services all used in a production environment.
Microsoft Access Advanced Applications written using both local data storage and SQL server as a data store.
Microsoft Office Advanced Automated from the inside and outside, using VB, VBA and C#.
MySQL Adequate Used as a .NET data source.


Investment Finance Good Production of financial fact sheets from trade records to final reports, including all calculations, thoroughly understood. Including equities, bonds, property and hedge funds in a complex investment hierarchy.
Machine Control Good The problems surrounding controlling machinery at binary level well understood, including asynchronous messaging and state management.
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